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Bournside School Outdoor Murals


For the second year in a row, I was asked to work with a group of sixth formers to create murals with them. Upon arriving onsite, the scale of the project they wished to do that year made me incredibly nervous we could pull it off. With inclement weather forecast, and 10 large unpainted walls in front of us, I seriously doubted we could compete the project in the week given.


The students though worked their socks off and, despite most of one day being rained off and untimely showers throughout, we managed to complete all 10 walls! The designs were all constructed by one of the students, sketched out between myself and 1 other and painted in by us all with mostly masonry paint. For the last day I brought in some spray paint to speed the process up and get it over the line. 

Each mural reflects the lesson taught in that area of the school and depicts sports, music, art and drama. 

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