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Hand Painted Murals

Working with spray paint indoors is not advised due to the gases that propel the paint and the dust it can create in the room. If a venue has good ventilation it can be done but I prefer to paint murals by hand with satin household emulsion. These can be wiped in heavy use areas such as pubs, clubs etc and customers and homeowners can still use the space around me. Although slower than spray paint, a much greater level of detail the level of detail is possible. This works well when murals are made to be seen up close rather than from the distance which most outdoor work is viewed at.

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Lounge72 Bar Commission

As a pool room that was open in the afternoon with no ventilation available, this project required the use of emulsion paint to enable the space to be used whilst the project was completed.


Dinosaur playroom

Dinosaur themed playroom for a private home


Snow themed nursery mural

The lady owner of this home wanted a wrap around, snow themed nursery for her new baby

Cot end with furniture

Construction Skills
Training Centre

This construction skills centre was designed to have arcade style machines around the room for training students.


Leckhampton Rover FC

As all the rooms to be painted had sealed rooms and no ventilation, the use of household paint was essential but also enabled a high level of detail.


Private Gym Commission

The owner of this private gym required the use of it whilst the project was ongoing and the use of emulsion allowed it to continue to be used.


Energy from Waste Centre

The owners worked with me to design this outdoor/inside style mural that reflected the surrounding area


The Coconut Tree

I have painted each new branch of the Coconut Tree in various locations around the country. Each site offers new and exciting challenges.

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