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Milestones School Projects

Having worked in the field as a Teacher and Qualifications Officer for many years, working with people with learning difficulties and behaviour problems is close to my heart and I still hold a portable DBS to enable this type of work. I first worked with the school back in 2012 whilst still a teacher at Ruskin Mill. We ran a project between the two schools to create an Anti-Bullying mural. Although the building it was on has now been demolished, I have since returned twice to work with the students


Back in 2016 I worked with the school to produce this wonderful mural.


I initially ran workshops to create ideas for the design and then another to help them create stencils for their names to go across the tag 'wall' at the bottom. Having just watched a King King vs Godzilla film somehow this got chosen as the theme! As the space was used by the nursery opposite to keep their toy cars, we chose to keep the sign in the middle of the wall and turn it into a parking sign!

The nursery opposite got the children to do handprints which were then cut out and used as stencils to create the leaves of the cherry blossom trees on either side. The work took a number of weeks due to the limited time available to work with the students but they did a fantastic job in the end!

I returned to work with the students in 2023 to enable them to get an art qualification and we produced a wall for the local Longlevens Rugby Club next door to the school.

For this I sketched out the design and then the students came and painted the work in, and their tags on the wall. I then went around and lined the work to tidy it up.

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