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Cheltenham Town Football Club Mural

I was commissioned to paint a mural depicting the 'History Makers'.; the stars of the clubs five championship wins. Over 100 hours of work, all in spray paint, and working from some very old black and white images taken by sports reporters at the games! The two older stars pictures looked like burnt sausages by the time they were blown up to A4 so it was a huge challenge to get their likenesses!


Fortunately, one visited me whilst i was painting and I was able to take a pic of him now to work from. Although he had aged a bit, his facial structure was still the same! I then went back to complete another celebrating Proud Robins, the Cheltenham Town Ladies Football Club and the EFL's Kick It Out campaign.

Danny Wright
Mark Boyland
Alfie May
Danny Wright
Dave Lewis
Alfie May and Dave Lewis
Kick it out
Equality and diversity mural
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