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Arsenal Football Club

For this project I was asked to design a wall based upon their psychiatrists wall chart documenting all the things a young professional footballer can go through. As none of them had painted before this, and it was a corrugated surface, was always going to be a challenge! 

In order for the finished work to look good from the offices nearby, I kept the design relatively simple and with no black in the design. Once they had painted the container, I had pre-cut some reverse stencils to go on the top. With a 'normal' stencil you spray through the holes, with a reverse stencil, you keep the middle part and spray around it. We then sprayed around the letters with a transparent black. This meant you could still see what they had painted close up but, where the stencils were, created the word Growth to jump out and look smart from the offices. 

Growth - Arsenal FC
Sketching out

Sketching out


Finished sketch


The design colour coded ready to go


The quickest I have ever seen a mural painted! With around 25 footballers painting the initial mural was completed in around half an hour!

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