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Other Spray Projects

This section focuses on some of the various other projects I have been involved with 


Great Western Rail Commission 

Inspired by a trip to the Wilson Museum with the aim of giving a sense of place.

Painted in spray paint and posca on the top half and with masonry paint on the concrete lower half to give longevity.

Jet Black

Mural to honour the life of Jet Black

After painting my mural of Jaz Coleman, I got chatting with the partner of Jet Black from the band The Stranglers about another project. She showed me a picture she had taken of Jet and immediately I wanted to paint it. I was very busy with work and, unfortunately, within a few months he had passed away at Christmas 2022

. I chose to make this the first mural of the year in 2023 to honour his life. Jet lived in nearby Tetbury for many yeas and was a nomad by nature so it seemed fitting to have it in the town. It is now a meeting place for fans who gather there on his birthday. In the other photograph is me with his widow Ava who paid a visit.

Me with Jet's partner Ava
Close up of Jet Black mural

Sky Arts #SkyVIP Live 2 Hour show

Sky Arts commissioned me to do a 2 hour live show discussing the history of graffiti, teaching viewers to do some basic lettering and finally getting up on a wall.

Filmed with Tommy Heat Burnz

Gloucester Royal Hospital Children's Oncology Unit 2017

This was my first ever mural with brushes and emulsion paint. The design was intended for children to look at up close so much of the detail is tiny! I tried to incorporate lots of small things to find to take their minds off their predicaments, including shapes in the clouds. It was so inspiration meeting many of the brave children fighting this awful illness and wonderful to see them cheered up by finding elements in the mural.

Glos Royal Oncology (42)_edited.jpg
Older work
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