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Westlands Community Centre

For this project, I ran a workshop to come up with a theme for the mural. Once an idea was established, I created a design for them to paint. Keeping the design large enabled them to have room to make the inevitable mistakes when using spray for the first time. They chose the butterfly design so they could have selfies in front of it looking like they had wings!


Although none of the youth there had had experience of using spray paint, they did a great job and left me little tidying up to finish the mural off.

Within a week of the mural going up, it unfortunately got tagged. However everyone knew the culprit and he was made to clean it off. Now 3 years later, its still there untouched!


Finished wall


Sketching out

The youth club painting the mural


Taking shape


Selfie time!


Team photo!

Hand painted sign to go over the entrance

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