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Jaz Coleman Mural

Jaz Coleman was born and brought up in Cheltenham and he founded the band Killing Joke in his Mother's house. After a string of hits in the Eighties and Nineties, Jaz took himself off to Iceland where he learnt classical composition and conducting. Having been dubbed 'the new Mahler', Jaz has worked with all the top orchestras in the world and had a second career in classical music. He was made a Knight of the Arts in France (hence the medal on his chest in the mural) and performed the New Zealand national anthem at the rugby World Cup in the native Maori, sparking a huge debate in the country that has led to the national anthem now always being sung in both English and Maori.

Prior to the mural, Jaz nearly died in Mexico and the mural was commissioned by the band's management to cheer him up. The mural brought Jaz's achievements to the attention of the local University and, when Jaz came to view the mural,, he was given awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his services to music.

Mural painted mostly with spray paint with some masonry for the background base colour.

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