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Izzy on abstract paint splattered background that glows in the dark!! Painted on high quality 50x40cm box canvas with the best Molotow Phospor paint and finished in Winsor & Newton high gloss varnish to ensure that glow doesn't fade! 
Unfortunately, using the best materials doesn't come cheap and I have had to reflect that in the price for these. 
This piece is a commision and is now sold but if you buy one and contact me we can work on a colour scheme that suits you!


  • 50cm x 40cm High quality box canvas

    Painted with top quality paints and finished with Windsor & Newton Gloss Varnish to ensure it glows for years to come!

  • As this painting is sold, any new commission will be individual and therefore different. Colours used on the commission can be requested but the white and black need to be used to ensure the glow-un-the-dark works well.

    As a commission, the item is individual for you and cannot therefore be returned.

    Items damaged in the post must be returned and will be replaced.

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